Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wow...where does the time go?!

Hi there!
I'm not sure where the past month has gone!  Simply crazy!  I have so much to post but not enough time!  I did want to share at least 1 layout I did from the AWESOME WEEKEND RETREAT I was on!  It was so great to have a full night sleep!  Oh- and scrapbooking too LOL!!  Actually that was the best- to just leave my stuff out, work and stop to eat, then go back when I wanted.  I didn't get as much done as I had wanted but, do you ever?

I have a 2 page layout I did with the Miracle Scrapbooking Kit.  The funny thing is, I got this kit last year, but now they have it as a paper package!  The kit worked great with my photos.  I did 2- 2 page layouts and still have more to use!  Everything was included as well as an instruction brochure so no thought was involved.  Well, a little as I never have the right sized photos.  So I do the layout then move my pictures around until I get them to work.  Sometimes I need to add some matting, sometimes the paper in the background is enough.

If you have any questions about the layout let me know!  The picture was taken with my Blackberry so quality isn't great but it will work!  I want to take pictures of my other layouts.  I'm especially excited to show you what I have done with Flip Flaps.  On my list of things to do!

Here is the layout- I'd love to hear what you think!  Have a fabulous day!