Friday, July 29, 2011

Dry Embossing Technique WITHOUT a machine

I just LOVE the look of embossed cards!  But sadly my budget has not yet allowed me to purchase a machine- although I look for sales ALL the time hoping to get one! 

Check out Shirley's blog post today for how to get the embossed look without the machine!  So easy and it looks so great!

If you don't already follow Shirley's blog, she is a must!  She has great ideas and tutorials!  One of my favs!

HERE IS THE LINK (it helps- I forgot it the first time LOL)

Happy crafting!

Stamp sets for Sale 
Here is a link to my Upline's Photobucket.  She has a bunch of stamp sets for sale, new and used, all great prices!  I have already claimed some LOL.  I am a stamp junkie!  But contact her if you are interested in any.  You can also email me at and I'll forward your email along.  She is in Oshawa.

Thursday, July 28, 2011