Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kards for Kids

Hi everyone!

Sheri, my "grandmother" in the CTMH consultant world, sent along this and I think it is so worth while sharing!  What a great use for those extra Christmas Cards you may have and what a difference you can make!  Please consider sending them some cards.  See their blog here

If you are looking for card ideas, I'll be posting some I've made with instructions shortly! 
LOVE this time of year!  So much scrappin' to be done!
Happy Scrappin, All!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paper flower Christmas ornaments

Hi there!
So I know I haven't been great at posting all the things I've been working on.  But I thought today while I was looking at the many email blogs I get that if I can't post my own stuff, at least I can showcase some of the amazing work that is out there!  I absolutely LOVE Christmas so I really enjoy seeing what people are making this time of year.  I'm in search of a great, non-edible idea for an advent calendar! 

So, I've showcased Jayma's blog before.  But her creativity has struck me again!  Check out her blog here to see her latest creation.  These ornaments are so cute.  Made with the amazing CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge for Cricut- a must buy for any Cricut owner!  If you don't have it yet, give someone special my card and tell them to contact me so you can receive the perfect gift for Christmas!  It's amazing everything this ONE cartridge can do!

Anyway- check out her blog to learn how to make one yourself.  She uses bible pages but really you can use anything.  I think I may make some with our kids.  Our tree is completely decorated in homemade ornaments.  It started when hubby and I were first living together and couldn't afford to buy ornaments.  So I made some.  It started with felt I had laying around and some glitter glue LOL.  For the next few years as more money was available, the ornaments became more advanced.  It became such a tradition we stuck with it. The only bought ones you'll see on our tree were gifts. So also very special.  Now with 3 kids, I love that they can be a part of making new ornaments!

If you are interested in making these and don't have a Cricut, contact me and maybe we can set up a workshop!  It will force me into being creative!

Enjoy the blog!  And I hope you can find some time for crafting!
Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Multi-colour stamping

  Hi there!
Wondering how to do multi-coloured stamping?  Jeanette has a post today showing you one way to do it.  To see her post, go here
Then be sure to try it out!
Happy Scrappin'!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LAST DAY to register for the Christmas Card Workshop!

I am SO excited about the upcoming workshop on November 19th!  These workshops are my favourite things to do and I love giving out the cards once I'm done!  Today is the LAST DAY to register so if you wanted to attend or purchase a kit, you need to let me know TODAY.  The pictures are 8 of the 10 designs we will be making at the workshop.  You will make 2 of each design for a total of 20 cards.

The cost is $30.  If you cannot make it on the day, we can prepare a KIT for you with the stamped images done for you, and a picture and instructions for each card for $35.  When you RSVP let me know if you'll be attending that day or if you want a KIT.

The workshop runs from 10am-5pm on November 19th
Hope Fellowship Church, Courtice ON (http://hopefellowship.ca/map.php)
1685 Bloor St (just East of Trulls Rd)
Email me today at scrappinsimply@gmail.com if you want to participate!

Please note the pictures of the cards come from all of the consultants who are participating.  So I'm not aware of who credit is due to for all of them.  The top 2 cards are mine (Joy and the one with the raccoon).  The ideas came from the Idea Book but I've changed them some.

The card with the tree and the leaf Krista Ritskes created based on the card made by Carla.  You can visit her blog at www.carlacreates.blogspot.com.  The other cards I don't know about so if the idea is yours, I apologize.  I was just given the picture and wanted to share the ideas with my followers who may be interested in attending.  I will be contacting the other consultants to see if any more credit is due here that I haven't been informed about.  Want to ensure all those bloggers out there who are busy creating get the credit where is due and are happy.  As always to those who share their ideas, as I've said many times here, thanks for sharing your creativity.  Unfortunately for me I have to run a business at home to pay for my hobby so I don't get the time to create I would like to. So it's great to see so many ideas out there.
Happy Scrappin'!