Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Card Workshop

Hi there! So many exciting things have been happening in the Stephens' home and life over the past few months. Connor has been busy with rep hockey- meaning all of us have been! Kaylee has started playing hockey as well. And Ben has even started preschool. Currently we are helping my grandparents move down from Winnipeg which is SO amazing! I've always wanted them closer. The down side of all this is not much is getting done!

For anyone who wants to participate in the Christmas Card workshop, I need to place the order for the kits by Monday November 19 in order for them to arrive by the Dec 1st date.

You can email me to order a kit. You can view it on my website here Please do not order online unless you live far away- in which case you will need to ensure you have all the supplies you need.

Sorry normally I would do that as a link but I'm doing this on my phone as I lay in bed with Ben who hasn't napped and Kaylee who is sick LOL. Blogger is restricted on the phone.

I will have the inks and anything else you will need that isn't included in the kit at the workshop on Dec 1st. You just need to bring adhesive and then come. The kits are $29.99 plus shipping and taxes.

I hope you can join us! Any questions let me know!
Happy Scrappin'

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