Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm baaaaack!

So another summer coming to an end...and here I post again!  Sadly I'm much better at posting on Facebook lol.  But my goal is to touch base here more often!

Lots of fun stuff happening- our Scrappin' Simply club is starting up again. So next date will be Sept 15. There are spaces for new members if you are interested.  Information is on this blog at the top or just contact me.  I'm hoping to email the gals tomorrow to decide which of the new kits those who do the kits want to start with!

I know I have mentioned Brae before and her crazy talent.  Well just read a post on her blog where she used some of our products intended for our new Crush books and used them in a layout.  Check it out at the link below- sorry cant hide it the same on my mobile and haven't hooked up the computer since our return. Really delaying getting back to work lol

Speaking of our new product, if you haven't gotten your hands on our new Idea Books let me know and I will drop one off. They are great for coming up with ideas for layouts or cards.  Now there is also home decor and jewelry as

I hope the summer has provided you with some time to be crafty!  As always feel free to share what you have been working on!

Until next time, happy scrappin'!

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