Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get free stuff AND get layouts done regularly!

... and that doesn't even mention the great GAL time and the extra supplies you will get.... and access to the campaigns ... and sharing tips and ideas!

THE CLUB IS STARTING... have 2 confirmed members.. join us!! I need 5 people to start at least as then we can GUARANTEE that each person will get to be a hostess during the time and get the min of $25 off their order. We will be doing a WOTG (Workshop on the Go)... this can be changed later but I would like to start with this for the first month or so. If you can't make the date but still order the WOTG you will still be eligible for the hostess rewards.

Those doing the club can decide on the which ones we do... hostess choice or vote between all club members... depending on what the members want to do. You will be sure to get a 2 page layout done each session and I will provide any of the additional supplies needed to complete the workshop. I was thinking to start we do Chantilly, Claire or the Canvas Art. I have seen them all completed and they are all gorgeous! Actually I honestly have loved them all!!

Here is a link for the current WOTG's we have running. If people like the paper but prefer the additional layout there are options there. If someone absolutely HATES the one we are doing in a given month, we can discuss the option of them choosing another one that isn't being done. Also after a month or 2 if people don't like the WOTG option we can look at instead people spending the minimum amount each month. But I would like to at least start this way to get us going. Can't WAIT to get in some SCRAPPIN TIME!!

Feel free to share this with any who would be interested. I'd like to get 5 interested people ASAP so we can decide on one for late Feb or sometime in March. Interested? Send me a PM, comment or email me at!

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  1. I'm excited that you're starting a club! I hope it goes great for you.