Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm mobile!

Hi there! Wow 2 days in a row! Found a Blogger app for my iPhone so giving it a run. Hoping this works well so I can post more often!

Let's try a photo. What do you say? ...

Here's a pic (hopefully!) of my neighbor and one of Kaylee's best buds on the left , my daughter Kaylee in the middle. This was after their recital for dance. And our youngest Ben couldn't miss a photo op.

So... If this works you will hear from me a lot more! My hubby teases me about the fact my phone is never far from my hands unless the kids are playing games!

Btw... Did you read yesterday's post? If so... Shhh... Come closer I have to whisper... I bought some copics. I'll tell you all about it as I ordered last night and they were shipped today! Can't wait for tomorrow! I'll take a pic and post when my goodies arrive!

Until then... Happy scrappin'!

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