Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm here.... I promise! Now see what I did!

Hi All!
I'm sorry I disappeared for awhile there.  We have sadly had 2 members of our family who have been very ill and we have spent a lot of time with family and back and forth to Toronto along with all our normal chaos.  I'm hoping now that things are slowing down a little and with summer coming...which means TRAILER TIME... I will have some more time to post regularly.

On Sat I was at my CTMH grandmother's house for an all day crop (LOVE THOSE!) and had a super good time.  I've gotten most of an album done for an uncle who is one of those who has been very ill.  Don't worry... it's ok... he will never be on here to read this!  I'll post pictures of that when I'm done.

This was the other thing I was having fun with...
I used one of Sheri's stamps and coloured this little guy.  I just LOVE this!!  This was my rough copy. She suggested when using markers like this to do one first where you mark down what you used.  Then you keep that in a journal so that if you like a colour combination you can go back to it!  The skin tone was done with her copics.  The rest were with my BIC Mark Its which I bought a set as I read on sites they were a great cheap alternative to copics.  Can I tell you something?  I'm buying some copics.  They really do blend a lot better and the colour options are SO much better!  I had one red...hard to blend with one!  But I was still pleased with how it turned out.  And having that set already means I can slowly build my stash of copics but still have some options for colouring as I find this so nice and relaxing.  I also stamped a bunch of these and just did the skin tones (since I borrowed those) so I can colour them and use them on future cards and layouts.  A great thing to do at crops if you really like a stamp set or cartridge or something someone has!

Anyway...way past my bedtime but since I meant to post on Friday and that didn't happen I figured I would go on now quickly!  I would love to be able to do this on my iphone... anyone know of an app for that?!

I hope all the Daddy's in your life had a wonderful Father's Day today!  Al and I took our 2 older kids to see a 3D movie...they are really amazing aren't they?!  I love watching my daughter jump back from things on the screen LOL. We had a nice dinner here as well with my parents.  And are SO hoping that by next Father's Day (and hopefully sooner) maybe Al's parents will be closer!  We sure do miss them around here.

Have a great night all!  Remember to find some time for your scrappin'.  I always love to see pictures of what you are working on!
Happy Scrappin'!
PS...did you get my newsletter this month?.... do you remember our great stamp sale ends soon... be sure to contact me over the next couple of days for your order...I'll post more details this week in case you missed it!


  1. Oh, I would love to post from my phone, too. If you find out about something, let me know!
    And your little guy is adorable! I've had the same discussion with Sheri about Copics. I'm not sold yet, though. ;)

  2. Hey Krista. Guess what I'm doing. I was just gonna write and say the best I found with my Google search was BlogPress which you have to pay for. Then I searched the app world for Blogger and found the one I am using now!