Thursday, July 19, 2012

Handy Cricut Tips- Mat Tips

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I have a couple Cricut tips for you!  The first is one that was passed to me from CTMH consultants.  Not quite sure who in particular but I know my upline Krista mentioned it.

When you buy a new mat it is crazy sticky and can actually wreck your paper.  So use your arm and pat it all over the mat for a bit to ease the adhesive.  If like me you are allergic to adhesive use a long sleeved shirt LOL.  I had a rash on my arms for a week!

This is a no brainer, you buy a new mat, right?  WRONG!  I just was on Pinterest and then clicked on this great site!

Lots of great ideas!  Check out for some PINS on my Pinterest site for a neat Chore Chart which includes printables.  There is also a link to a printable chart to stick to your Cricut Machine on what to set your blade at for different papers.

Anyway- you can actually make your mat sticky again! What a great money saving idea!  Here is the post below.  Keep in mind you would still obviously need to replace your mat when it is getting too cut up.

Incidentally, you CAN turn your mat around.  Some people think you must always put the arrow first.  YOU DON'T!    Since most often do not use the entire 12x12 paper when cutting, the mat will tend to be used more in one corner.  So be sure to turn it around to get some use out of the other corner of your mat.

Check out the post below regarding how to make the mat sticky again and then pull out your machine and get Scrappin!

  • trakaszcie:
    To restick your Cricut Mat, first I use a baby wipe to clean off all the extra debris or tiny pieces of paper already stuck to the mat. Then you need to mask off the edges of the mat [where the rollers touch it inside the machine, this way it does not gum up]. I use masking tape or paper for that. Once taped off, use REPOSITIONABLE spray adhesive [make sure it is repositionable!!] You can get this at Jo-Ann’s/Michael’s/Hobby Lobby. It can be expensive, but use a 40% off coupon that is usually available weekly. Spray the repositionable adhesive in an even coat over the entire mat. Once dry [after a few minutes] peel off the edging, and you’re ready to go! BE CAREFUL THOUGH, it is usually really, really sticky the first time, so use caution when removing the first few items so you do not rip them! I’ve done this over the last year and I have only just bought a new mat about a month ago!
    Good luck!

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