Friday, August 12, 2011

Scrappin' Simply Spotlight- Fabulously Artsy!!

Hi all!
So Kaylee and I are now back at home- Al, Ben and Connor will be joining us on Monday.  It's great to be home again- hot water, a large shower and bed.  But with that also comes the little messes that need to be cleaned up and all the stuff around here I've been wanting to do and haven't yet done.  So... I'm glad to be home... but a little sad too. 

The very exciting part is tomorrow we are having a CTMH Team Meeting- it's always so great to get together with other consultants- so inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring, I have an AMAZING person to tell you about for the Spotlight this week (hey, do you like that segue?  That was not planned at all- gotta love it when stuff just works out! :) )

The blog I am spotlighting I have been following for some time.  She is such an incredibly talented lady.  She is so amazing at sharing her creativity as well- creating videos and tutorials.  She really is someone you MUST follow if you are not already! 

Without further adieu,  you need to check out Tresa Black who is Fabulously Artsy

She won 1st place at our CTMH convention for the best album contest.  On her blog you can connect to a video she made of the album- YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT.  It is honestly the most amazing album I have ever seen.  I was almost in tears watching this.  What an amazing thing to create- and what an incredible thing to leave for her children.  See the post here.  And be sure to start following her today- you will never be short of inspiration if you do!

Until next time... happy Scrappin'!

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  1. Thank you so much for the spotlight! I'm honored!